FREESAT is operated by the BBC/ITV & has no ongoing costs after installation.


Intallation & Reboot details

HD boxes from simple viewing to fully programmable recording.


Intenational TV & Radio news

Satellite TV is an area of life where size really does matter!

What About Digi Boxes  And Viewing Cards?

There are basically two types of  systems  available:-

(a) FREE SAT…….RUN BY BBC/ ITV-  after installation , no ongoing charges and viewing of all the major digital channels.  Digi  Boxes available are

Free sat SD            Free sat HD          Free sat +(HD standard.)

{image10}Sky subscriptions that you pay for monthly and opens many channels. There are over 90 sky packages available and these are listed on www.Sky.Com. Subscription price is the same as in the UK- however packs are more limited over here. Sky  SPORTS are the channels most people subscribe for. {image11}

There are many makes and models of  digibox available. However not all of them work with the weak signals here in Southern Spain. If you have a digi box that you are planning to use in Spainenquire with us about its suitability.

Additional Services- We can supply a basic digi-box but the ultimate Rolls Royce of digi-boxes is the Sky+  or Free sat +   these  give you the ability to watch and record at the press of a button. You can pause live TV and the box is so simple to use !.

{image9}Remote TV senders: -These little bits of kit send the signal from your main TV and digi-box to another TV they are great to use  if you want to watch TV outside on your terrace or by the pool!!